Long time no blog

Written on Thursday, December 27, 2007 by Sundeep Rambhojun

ho ho ho
been a while i wasnt here
some months?
many things have changed since then

i no longer work for EDS, i now work for Anglo African Enterprises, am an engineer, my core speciality is Intelligent Networks, but i am also an Systems support engineer,
i am not longer just a university drop out. in the past months i have completed a number of certification, from symantec, hp, huawei, sun and more to come.

that was for work, but i guess on general i am still the same..perhaps a bit more of a shopaholic, i go clubbing more that i used to before.

oh did i say i was in china for a month? went there for training at huawei. and yeah i got a new mob..a nokia n73me, also a bluetooth headset
well many things have changed
right now am at the office, dnt have much to do..mo o chommage technique la..ene projet p tarder pou coumencer..

well i hope i'll b able to blog a bit more..
and demain its party time
going to 2122 for a get together with my friends