CSE Programming Contest Prize Giving

Written on Thursday, October 26, 2006 by Sundeep Rambhojun

Well, today was the prize giving ceremony of the CSE Programming Contest, i didnt win, bt i surely got my Certificate of Participation. Better luck next time..

Anyways am back with my coughing prob, my mum still wants me to have her magic potions..bt i think if i drank less coke, and quit smoked less, perhaps they would stop..

These days i've been very very a bit lazy i started out to work on my project report..but i didnt progress much..anyways..am sure am gonna find a way..

btw i tried this last.fm stuf u will notice on the right just before the links, u will now knw wht am listening to as well..

Happy Divali to U all

Written on Saturday, October 21, 2006 by Sundeep Rambhojun

From Delusion, lead me to Truth
From Darkness, lead me to Light
From Death, lead me to Immortality

Wishing u all a very happy divali

Divali Show 2006

Written on Friday, October 20, 2006 by Sundeep Rambhojun

eh ben, aujourdhui c t le divali show a UoM, et jme suis improvisé photographe..
bien entendu c t pour une raison bien specifique!! LES FILLES!! hehe :p

mon seul regret, c ke g pas pu prendre les tofs avk les filles, car je devait etre derriere la camera..mais l'experience etait bonne, g pris les fotos des plus belles de UoM..

les tofs sont sur mon site person. Cliquez ici pour visiter ma page perso (je c..ca fait un baille ke g pas fait de mise a jour..) et une fois sur place, clickez sur "Gallery". A noter ke plusieurs des tofs on ete modifié car une tof a 5 megapixels, c encombrant. Si vous cherchez les tof a haut resolution, contactez moi, mon add msn c sundeep16@hotmail.com.

Un ciel sans nuage

Written on Friday, October 13, 2006 by Sundeep Rambhojun

Un ciel sans nuage,
Rien ke le bleu azur d kilometre a la ronde..
pas un seul nuage en vue..
c pas bo sa?

Un ciel sans nuage c bo a voir, mais c oci..lassant..(sans oublier k'il fait tres chaud..)

C un peu ma vie..calme..un peu trop meme..
la routine devient de plus en plus ennuyant..
en faite..
je trouve ke tout est ennuyant..
il manke kom un peu de piment..

une poussee c tout cke je demande..
bof..je commence meme a m'ennuyer pour ecrire koike ce soit de plus..
pfft je vais dormir..
bof..ca oci c ennuyant..

A trip to the hospital..

Written on Tuesday, October 10, 2006 by Sundeep Rambhojun

Finally i found time to go to the hospital..
I chose to go to the ENT hospital found at vacoas. since it abt 15 min (3 by car) from my house and also coz they would b more specialised for my coughing problems..
I reach there at around 10, and there was an already long queue, now there was 3 queues, one for appointments with specialist, and the two supposedly for records and admission, since there was only one board and 2 counters. well obviously i chose the one where there would b less ppl. after 15 min, when i finally get to the counter, the lady kindly tells me this is not the right queue. being a calm person, i go to the next queue, and when after 25 min i reach the counter, the other kind lady was preparing hte batch to b sent to the dr, well guess i wasnt in that batch and i would wait a bit more..
to my supprise, two other women, come right in front of the counter by my side. both wanna talk to the lady behind the counter..well it seems like they didnt notice that there was a 1m83 long guy standing there first (ie me..). being a gentleman i let them talk to the lady, one had come from cap malheureux, and didnt hear the name of her daughter called, and she was here since a very long time(i start to get worried..since am kinda allergic to hospitals..). the other lady, was a rather old lady, didnt know wht she was supposed to do, since neither the dr nor the attendants told her wht to do. she had just had an x ray and blood sampled. to me suprise, the lady behind the corner, who till now was apparently nice and kind, answered the other old lady ina rather aggressive way, i was stoned. and on top of that the poor lady would have to wait for 3 weeks, since the x ray and blood sample would take 3 weeks to process!!!

my god..3 weeks???? wtf??? well i dnt know wht the lady suffered from, bt wht i can say, in 3 weeks, much can happen. That poor lady could even die..ek mo imper sensible moi. i sincerely find this not a good system at all. The poor lady could only go back home, with much disapointement on her face. Oh and btw, i also noticed the new recruits, Proudly wearing their stethoscopes, and white coat, and a badge so that u r really sure that they were Drs. Well, i was in that compound for abt 1hr30, and guess wht, they were mostly busy walking outside,and they guys making the gurls laugh..well..no comments..

so i finally got over that, and finally got a record. and i went to sit in waiting "room" it was more a verandah though..and then smtg strike me. The hospital is surely the place whr u would get ill. Ppl coughing or sneezing without even covering their mouths, they literally sneeze in ur face.

i finally got a dr, he was speaking french, bt creole to his college, oh i forgot, in the consultation room, there is another dr examine another patient on the other side of the table.NO PRIVACY at all. now imagine, the other person is very contagious, and i have a mild cough. And, frankly, while i was there, there was another woman, have problems with her ears, euh..i need to say am kinda sensibleto other pain, and to hear her explaining her probs with the dr,brrr....

i spend some 5 min with the dr, thats the average time it take (for abt 30 - 45 min wait), soon i as i started to explain the prob with the dr, he told me i smoke (Tu fumes?? tu fumes???!! tu fumes!!!!! faut cesser, ou tu reviendra nous voir souvent..et les medicaments vont te couter plus cher ke la cigarette..). fianlly he gave me a list of medicines..paracetamol, amoxylin(antibiotics), a cough syrup,and a nasal drop. i told him i dnt have nasal probs coz i can breath normally, and ask me t breath through 1 nostril at a time..indeed..there was a prob..and his prompt answer was, that i got used to that coz i smoke too much :s

finally i headed to the pharmacy to collect the medecine, and the lady there was by no mistake, really very kind taking her time to explain calmly the patients hw to administer the medecines.

oh and yeah, i just missed the most revolting part..
while i was queuing up in the second queue, a guy came, he was weird coz he had color his hair and beard some sort of brown. he wore many big gold rings and a golden watch. well, soon i he came, he called up some1, and promptly an attendant came to meet him, and he was taken directly to the dr without even going through the registration procedure, coz for his case this could b done later..pfft...
so the guy spent at most 10 min since he had high priority..pfft..justice a 2 vitesse..

hmm i had heard of violence in hospitals, dnt u ppl c the root cause of violence???

Quand maman joue au Dr...

Written on Sunday, October 08, 2006 by Sundeep Rambhojun

was sick..
have a cough which is still not leaving me..and i've quit smoking..i've tried everythng..cough drops, cough syrup..everythng that could medically stop this cough..nothing..
then came my mum's idea..
traditional medecine..
well, for once i agreed to be the "cobaye" of her experiment..

1st mixture : ene lespece melange avek cresson, du miel, ek mantegue..the taste was that bad..
Result : no apparent change..
2nd mixture : milk + butter
Result : no change
3rd mixture : i forgot the name of the leaves,bt there was also honey mixed with..and it had an awful taste
Result : niet..
4th mixture : boiled cinnamon+ du thym + limon
Result : nothing..hmm perhaps a slight soothing or just a coincidence that i was not coughing
5th mixture : milk + saffran vert
result : ur piss turn yellow..dark yellow..almost orange :s
6th mixture : boiled cinnamon + du thym + du miel + orange zest(limon was over)..it had an awful taste
Result : i didnt even drink it..had an awful smell
7th attempt : pure honey..i liked it
Result : bt no apparent result :s
8th attempt : melted mantegue :s euhh..beurrrrrrkkkkkkkk
Result : do i need to say??
9th attempt : my dad told me to chew some ginger when i was coughing..ouch..bad taste..
result : slight soothing..bt imagine my poor tongue's suffering :s
10th attempt : i forgot wht it was..didnt drink it..threw it outside
result: fortunately the grass didnt dry up
11th attempt (5 min ago) : milk + cloves + butter
result: i almost threw up with the taste of that milk..and spilled the milk over me

wht next? :s
btw did i say am still coughing???


Written on Saturday, October 07, 2006 by Sundeep Rambhojun

TIME : a commodity which we dnt always have..

well, i didnt have time to post over here lately, so i've decided to post somethng here..

This was a rather important week at uni, we have seen the election of the president of student council, a programming contest (in which am taking part..) organised by the CSE dept, and well so much more..

Am currently reviewing my java, and i got eclipse, well, i need to say, eclipse is really nice to use, indeed, it is very user friendly, and we will surely save time in writing the codes, while dodging silly mistakes such as ommited ; or a missing }.

During this week, i've also (and still am..) experience some health problems. Indeed, am having coughing problems, at first i thought they were just the regular coughs, bt, despite taking medecines, they don't seem to go..

My mum says, perhaps its "fraiser", bt i dnt believe so, perhaps its cause she doesnt know i smoke, well am pretty sure cigarette is to some extend the cause of it. Am seriously trying to quit. And this time, i'll try to quit definitely (Even though i wnt b able to use the Zippo(i looooveeeeeeee Zippos..) some1 gave me..).

On friday i met Rishi, an investigator from the University of London, he was conducting a study on child health in mauritius, and i was a volunteer to help in that study. Well, he announced to me that they were going to have a symposium to b held at LT1 of uom's NAC. He also told me, since i was the only guy involved with computer, i would be in charge to arrange all the logistics for the symposium, that is everythng from microphone to LCD projector (and ya i forgot..Rishi's got a superb mac book).Well that sounds promising and its supposed to b broadcasted on the mbc.

While i was re-discovering java, i need to say i literally fell in love with the language, its true that i did have a crush for her on our first meeting, bt then i met so many languages, and lately was introduced to Ruby, a real sexy young language, which would almost drive u mad about her..bt i didnt get time to admire her beauty, inner beauty that is..bt for the sake of the programming contest, i will try to b faithful to my new gf, java that is..

Been also watching for the 3 time the serial Stargate Atlantis, for the moment i have all of the 2 first seasons, waiting for the whole of the 3rd season to b available on torrent, and soon i'll be moving on nomad 128.

ah, while speaking of nomad..

Well, many ppl might argue that nomad it crap, hmm that is sometimes the case, bt, for the price u r paying, and for the technlogy used, we need to understand them..i currently have nomad 64 ,which it 24/24 and 7/7, except some rare downtime, the service is pretty decent..and i get a pretty decent bandwidth..there is anotherpoint to note here..some times, depending on the position of ur modem, i might get a very much varying signal, which is the case at my place, and this means u r getting signal from 2 or more antenna, which is very much possible..the prob here, when u are one a rather unpopulated antenna, ur connection is fluid, and u to downld around 5-6 kiloBYTE per sec, which is the norm, else, if u are connected on an antenna which are well populated, then surely ur bandwidth will drop. a solution would be to raise the modem to a higher point. or to contact the company, and they will send a technician which will modify the settings of ur modem, and assign u to a single antenna, the prob here, is that, if that antenna goes down for some reason, u go down..

well as from monday am moving to nomad 128, following a promotion at the university, i wil b paying half the monthly fees, which means its even cheaper than my current nomad 64 account. well, according to a friend who has done the same, there is much difference in the service, well let's hope it the same for me over here..more news abt it on monday..

well, am kinda tired writing now, and my nephews are very noisy, specially when they are just behind ur back and watching everything u are doing..(kids can b irritating..)bt still i love kids..