Work hard, party harder..

Written on Saturday, September 30, 2006 by Sundeep Rambhojun

well, this week's been very very very hectic..
had 3 tests..i managed to revise for only one..i was too busy with my project's background study(which is not complete yet btw..)
last saturday i had decided, that i will enjoy my last year at uni to the max..and i did it..well didn't get the opportunity i think iw ill go to all the parties around..and surely will have also to slog hard for the studies..coz i have to leave uni with atleast a 2:1..

well let's put aside the party or study thing..
let's talk abt games?

well, for the moment i've uninstall all games on my pc(i wonder y i did that..coz it didnt make me study more :s), i've tried install some of the games packages on ubuntu..indeed there is no need for speed-like or half-life like games there(those 2 are my all time favorites game..) but the games are very simple..and some are very addictive, i just installed a sudoku just love that game..i;ve also installed a flight simulator, unfortunately my screen doesnt support the refresh rate..and am still trying to figure out how to change the settings..

i had installed need for speed underground last week, to do some drifting (i was impressed by the drifts in tokyo drift !!!), well, i can wait wen i'll b doing it in a real bro doesnt wanna give me his car to try :s

need to go get ready to the's the last nite, and didnt go the previous days. well, basically am not that pious, i dnt really much believe in, coz, am still kinda looking for proofs, or atleast smtg concrete to make me believe in, bt, i do like to go the temple(mind you,not to c the gurls!!!!!) coz sometimes, the priest does say some interesting things..

my mum always tells me theres somtg wrong with me..i dnt do prayers in the morning, nor attend prayers..well i dnt find the need to..i dnt really believe in those things as such, is that wrong?? faith doesnt work like that..i dnt believe..or rather i dnt believe still waiting for some sort of sign..that really wanna makes me believe in it..did u get ur sign??


Written on Thursday, September 28, 2006 by Sundeep Rambhojun

OST - music from films..

In the past years OSTs are becoming more and more important in the film the past there were some films here and there that happened to have good score. The so called OST was not that marketable, lately, it seems to me at about the time Matrix was released, OST started to take more importance. Indeed The Matrix OST was one of my favorites, actually the whole saga had an exceptional OST.

Besides at that time, i was much into the rock/metal attitude, and The Matrix OST was much of a blend of Hard techno rock. Following the matrix other had some interesting soundtracks..of course those i'll b mentionning are mostly of my taste of music (its my blog..remember???). The Resident Evil soundtrack was just too good..since it featured my favorite band at that time Slipknot. That was the old time. There was also the Queen of the damned which according to me was excellent (i was much interested in gothic rock..vampire stuff etc etc etc). So many films the latest (and the reason for which am posting this..) is the Fast and Furious :Tokyo Drift featuring the great Terriyaki boyz track. I believe many ppl like this song, since i've seen many ppl listening to that track on their MSN.

Those of u who didnt hear from it..go look for damn good (depending on ur musical taste..)

You simply cannot live without them

Written on Tuesday, September 26, 2006 by Sundeep Rambhojun

well, tommorow i have that audition for the Nomad Live Reality TV show, well i was just wondering, what software i would b using there, and then i started to think abt which software i cannot live without??

here is my choice:

1. Firefox (an open source web browser)
2. Thunderbird (an open source mail client)
3. Msn messenger/GAIM (an instant messenger --> Gaim is open source)
4. Winamp/VLC player (a media player --> VLC player is open source)
5. cant think of a 5th one bt if am on Linux, then the synaptic package manager is vital..

if am to use a pc, b sure to find these on it..

Welcome to My Blog (its just another blog..)

Written on Tuesday, September 26, 2006 by Sundeep Rambhojun

This is my very first post here (hopefully not the last..). This week is one of wht i call a "shitty" week. I got test for the remaining days of the week, and have a project report to submit by friday. Seems like i'll have to slog hard this week, anyways, let's c the positive thing, next week i'll

PS. i also got RSS feeds, so if u r using firefox, click on the small orange square with white waves found on ur address bar (where you enter the website address..). This will keep u up to date with my blog, and if u dnt gave firefox..

Get Firefox!