Dark Times...

Written on Wednesday, May 02, 2007 by Unknown

Dark times are here..

Assignments and tests will b over by monday..this week carried many sleepless nights..time tables have been distributed, we are all set for the "grand plongeon". Now starts the most tiring, stressful, and hard period of the year, the exams period.

This is the somewhat the same every year at the same period of time (due to the yearly system), except that this time am in my final year, there's no room for errors.

I wish i could blog a bit more, but i kinda badly lack sleep, and am having great difficulty posting typing (actually doing anything...).

Well posts might be eventually a bit rare, do my dear readers (if any :p), plz bear with me..

But i will b back..and the SUN will shine again

till then


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