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Written on Monday, November 06, 2006 by Sundeep Rambhojun

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It is out since 1st Nov 2006, and i have been impatiently waiting for it, its finally on the roads..Need For Speed : Carbon. Well, for those of you who don't know, i am a massive fan of need for speed. I played all need for speed, actually need for speed was the first car game i ever played on my old Pentium I. One thing which was always nice with Need for speed, is the soundtrack of the game. They always kinda match with the game. My all time favourite Need for Speed are Need For Speed : Underground 1 (i would've loved 2 as well if the cars didnt look more like cartoons to me..i didnt like the storyline with the sort of cartoon style story..) and Need For Speed : Most Wanted. Well actually i think Most Wanted was the best ever Need for speed, well i have not tried Carbon yet. The only thing that was lacking was the Drifts. Else i found the game perfect.

From wht i heard, Carbon should be as good, or even better than Most Wanted..i need to say i really enjoyed Most Wanted, and finished the game, by that i do not mean not only beating Razor and escaping Cross. But also reaching a 100% career completion, number one on all the rapsheets, and also completing..or atleast unlocking all the Challenge(coz i dnt like the tollbox..bt i did all the compulsory tollboxes..). Next step is getiing Carbon, initially i thought of buying the original game, bt since it's very expensive and not yet available in mauritius..i got some1 download its torrent and will soon b getting it..if u want a copy, let me know..

From wht i could gather, the game was very much inspired from real street racing clubs, and for the first time in NFS, u will b able to recruit teammates..interesting. The is also the much talked abt AutoScuplt feature which allows u to customise everything..absolutely everything on u ride, i heard u could even design ur own patter for ur rims. Also this game include Drifts and Canyon Racing, to be noted that Carbon was much inspired from The Fast and the Furious : Tokyo Drift movie. Note that Cross, the cop from Most Wanted also appears here, he has lost his job and he thinks it because of u..so beware, he will b hunting u down.

i managed to get a spoiler

In the game, the player starts out driving down Carbon Canyon. It then shows a
recap of his last race with Kenji, Angie, and Wolf. As the race comes to an end, police use lasers to disable all the racers' cars except for the player's. Nikki comes to drop off a bag inside the player's car, and the player is able to escape, while the other racers are arrested. The recap ends, and a Corvette begins to chase the player down the canyon. The player reaches a dead end, where he is cornered by Cross and meets Darius and Nikki. There, he is recapped on the night of the incident, where the cops ambushed a race and the player escapes with the help of an officer. Darius offers the player a choice between an exotic, muscle, or tuner car as a starter to help him fix his reputation. As the player wins races, he will gain new territory and eventually challenge the bosses in a street and canyon race to win complete control over their territory. As the story progresses, the player learns that Nikki left a bag of money in the player's car before he escapes and that Darius had switched Nikki's bag prior to the escape. As a result, the player enters a new city where he meets the bosses of the conquered territory in their new rides. The player challenges all three bosses in a canyon and street race. Once the player defeats the three bosses, Darius hallenges the player to a street race, then a canyon race. After losing both, Darius hands over the car keys to the player and leaves the city.

If u wanna know more.. go get it..else, i will b back after playing it..Get..Set..Gooooooo

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  1. www.уαѕнviη.tk |

    ah...seems top game la..like the others...

    hmmm, kant to prete mwa li? once to gagne li or to fini download !

    thnks in advance :P

  2. Sun |

    d ki mo gagne li mo pou fr ene mass distribution


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