Project Report

Written on Thursday, February 01, 2007 by Sundeep Rambhojun

Well, it finally seems like the report of my project is progressing..

very SLOWLY but SURELY..

Today is public holiday..been sitting in front of my pc the whole day..looking for some writing material..and i did not procrastinate at all today..but damn..this is going really slow..will i be able to complete it whtever i have to complete by tomorrow?

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  1. vicks |

    ena till 30 march pou retrounE non?

    btw ki projet to pe fer?

  2. Hans |

    I don't really know on what you're doing. But if it's on general stuffs, hope things in this post might help you.

    btw, if you want a quick and easy way for your visitors to contact you, consider a nice contact form for blogger. Here's how-to

  3. Sun |

    @Hans : thx for the links dude..they surely are gonna help

    @Hans and Vicks : my project is : Design and implementation of a load balancer for web servers..

    well i need to say..some considerable progress has been made in the past 24 hrs..tonite no project a distributed systems test tom..and have to start revising..

  4. vicks |

    bon courage pou revision man.. sa katiT literature ki ena la dan .. foufff..

    ena case pou garde tousa dan la tet!!


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