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Written on Sunday, February 11, 2007 by Sundeep Rambhojun


another tag by kyu a pretty short meme..

let's get this done:

1. Four jobs i had :

- Tele-marketing agent at Rogers Call centre

- Tele-marketing agent at Prophony

- Animateur Chat-Sms at Toolink

- Trainee Web Developper at Proximity Indian Ocean

2. Four movies i would watch over and over :

- Queen of the damned

- Matrix saga

- M:I 2

- Caribbean Pirates

3. Four Favorite TV Shows:

- Stargate (SG1 and Atlantis)

- Bleach (Anime)

- 24

- Lost

- Friends

- X-Files

- Crossing Jordan

- Knight Rider

- 4400

- Prison break (watched only 1 episode..and that was enough to convince me..waiting for some1 to give me to copies).


4. Four places for vacation i have been :

Till now mo pencore kitte maurice..bt been to quite a few hotels and some great bungalows in mauritius itself

5. Four places i've lived :

- Port-Louis

- Phoenix (where i am living right now)

6. Four favorite foods :

- Pizza

- Boulette ek so mine frire

- Mine appollo

- enfin mo manz de tout..seki ena bon gout..ek autant ki possib..non-veg

7. Four things to do in my spare time :

- Watch movies.

- Read anything on wikipedia

- Listening to music

- Playing

8. Four people to tag :

- Avinash (this time no excuses :p)

- Splash (as a welcome to the blogosphere)

- Ai (kouma mo ti p dire toi..mo pou tag toi ;-p)

- Morinna (akoz tne fek add moi dans to blogroll ;-p)

9. Four Website i visit daily :

- http://www.google.com/ig

- http://www.phdcomics.com/

- http://www.mauritiusblogtracker.com/

- http://www.nubaz.com/

10. Four places i'd like to be right now :

how can i b 4 places at a time???

anywhere..with my friends around..ek kot pena stress exams ek projet

so here is it done

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