What a week..

Written on Friday, February 23, 2007 by Sundeep Rambhojun

This week has been a pretty hectic week.

Despite the fact that it has been raining practically the whole week. And the fact that many assignments and also a test was due for this week. I badly needed sleep, fortunately today there is a cyclone warning class 2,and hence there is no lecture..and no test either. I managed to catch some sleep. I've also been sick to the weather..sometimes its very hot..then it rains..and then it gets cold..duh..its as if the weather was not sure of itself..

Finally the week is almost over..together with this..alongside..think this was also a great week on the personal side..got to meet some new people..and some old people as well..

Anyways..this week was only announcing that the following weeks should be even tougher..today will b starting to code my FYP..and also need to start revision..since there'll b loads of stuff which will b examined..

Oh i would forget..

The UoM CSE dept has also launched its website..this can be accessed at http://cse.uom.ac.mu

Well i guess that is all for this week..been a bit absent on my blog lately need to b more regular..

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  1. vicks |

    you forgot to mention..
    there will be a presentation in the coming week :)

  2. _яιVєя σƒ в|ιss_ |

    Aloha! hey pa p kner kot pou post comment la.. anyway anywer i'd do it i'd say the same fing.. well thank you a lot first of all for ur comment on my blog and mostly for ur help and advice u gave! u give good career guidance advice! n im not yet sure what to do.. but still i have at least an idea of what i need to do to take decisions! i really liked that explanation on the difference btwn money and wealth n each day i tell myself i want wealth not money!!
    then i must day u r a real geek!! wow!!
    i wish one day i will know a bit more on computer stuffs to understand a geeky conversation..
    sinon i wish u all the best in ur stud n in life.. ;)

  3. Sun |

    hey there..
    well first thx for ur comment..
    i woukdnt consider myself a geek..believe me there are much more geekier than me..
    hmm sa truc wealth ek money la..meme moi mo pas ti konner..c ene mo ban lecturer kinn explik nou sa..and even i too thought the same thing..
    i dunno si seki mne dir toi la inn help toi..mais mne essay help toi tank ki mo kav..and i just shared knowledge that i got from smewhr..lol thats whts knowledge is abt na?
    wish u all the best too..and hope u will make the right choice for ur studies


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