Happy Birthday to ME!!!

Written on Wednesday, April 18, 2007 by Sundeep Rambhojun


Hehe..today i got 23 (sounds old na??)

Well nothing much planned for today..

woke up at 09.00 (although i had classes at 9)..left home at 10.20 coz i had to edit a few stuff on fotoshop for my presentation..waited for a bus for 30 minutes..

When i reach uni had to print some slides..the photocopy centre at the commons was too over crowded so i walked back to the other one near the uni bus stop..there also it was crowded but much less..i finally got to use the pc..and it didnt recognise my pendrive..and when it did..i could access it coz some other program was using it..on doing Ctrl+Alt+Del..i saw that there was a bunch of AdobeR.exe running (a very common virus at uom..)

finally i got to print the slide..and got in class at 11.30..i was 1 hr late..and the lecturer was explaining..so my presentation would have to be next week.

Finally when the class was over..i returned back home..it would b boring to b at uni..all my friends were busy today..got back home..and was planning to go to lecture at 4..the nomad technician came by..and kinda fixed my modem..it was ok..went to jumbo..didn't go to lecture finally..

On returning home..i got a bus..which was also overcrowded..and it was the bus i was supposed to take if i had gone to lecture..and the guy in front of me inadvertently crushed my foot..the one which was already hurt..and damn its such a pain..

Now am writing this post..going to take a bath..theres a small gathering at home..

However tom is party time..hehe..with my uni friends..if u wanna join us..come over to Bassin Canard between 10.30 and 13.00. Am sure its gonna be fun..enfin will post back..

So here it is my bday..omg..am starving..whr is every1???

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  1. vicks |

    Happy Bday man..

    Kdo sa boug dan bis la ine donne toi, tro bon.. haha..

    have fun!!

  2. sunflower avi |

    Happy birthday man. You might want to change the link in your blog. It's no longer sunfloweraveish, but sunfloweravi.blogspot.com. Been thru shit lately... I got fired cos of my blog man... Well... Shit happens. Keep on blogging.

  3. n1L35h |

    wa wa frero HAPPY BIRTHDAY

    hope ki you had a nice day zordi ek demai nu met la faya bassin ^^

  4. Monisha |

    Apy brthday again. Wa pa blier mo part gato...hehe ;)

  5. Roushdat |

    Happy birthdayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy and many many happy returns of the day (c'mon somebody tell me what "happy returns of the day" means...I know it can be used, but i wish to know its definition :S)

  6. Josh |

    Happy birthday to you...
    Enjoy yourself

  7. Infinity |

    Happy birthday en retard!

    Sorryyyyy... mo ti enP busy with stuffs..


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