Yearly system at UoM

Written on Friday, April 13, 2007 by Sundeep Rambhojun

There is an interesting discussion going on at Avinash's blog.

The yearly system!!!!

This has been the object of many rants from the part of the UoM students, specially us 3rd year students who were the "cobayes" of this experiment.

I personally wasn't informed abt the way the course would be conducted when i joined uom. It only on orientation day that i got to know that it was going to be a yearly courses, and that we were the first one to be testing this new system.

Now this means that we would still be like in the  HSC system, where it take 2 year to prepare and then is an exams for the whole two years. Duh.."sappe dans caraye tombe dan dife"..this would imply having to memorise the whole 1 year of study for only one exam.

I think this is a bad idea, and it seems am not the only one,judging from response received on Avinash's blog.

The advantage of the semester modules were that atleast if u didnt work well in one module, u could try catch up next semester with another modules, or retaking the module. Now with this @#$% system, we can only have exams once a year, even it we have a resit, we gonna have to wait for a whole year to re take it. This is a very very very very bad thing. For instance, myself a 3rd year student, if i get a resit (hopefully i wnt, but if i do, then surely it will b from Computer Networks), i will have to come to uni just for that module one whole

We have been voicing out this problem since the very first year..via the student union..and also via the lecturer feedback, bt wht did we gain?? All the courses change on a yearly basis!!!!

Am pretty sure that the lecturers also don't like this system, yet how to change it? It seems like the main concern of UOM is to save cost..

I think its high time the concerned autorities re think abt the system, if not restoring the semester system, atleast give us the possibility to take the resits in the first semester of the next academic year.

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  1. vicks |

    i've been talking about a lot about it these days on avinash's blog and the thing sun mem si nou fer ene tas tapaz..

    narnien pas pou chanG..

    bof.. mo pas pe garde grand espoir :(

  2. Sun |

    depi first year mne aret garder sa
    frankly speaking
    i dnt care for the new batches coming in..

    i wanted my course structure to change..know i sound egoist its the truth..and same goes for any1 else..

    and since the first year i knew it wouldnt change..
    pese nene boire de l'huile..

    mais en faite..ena ene sel zaffaire ki kav fr..c propose to take resits in the next semester..
    for the pas possible..

    well anyways..
    hopefully my last semester at uom..hopefully i'll a job..either with the help of the bout de papier from UoM, or the one from Cisco..whtver..

    i will get work..

  3. Infinity |

    As a to-be UOM student, probably in CSE, am I the only one to think that this new system (from what I read from AM's and Sun's blogs) greatly resembles college?

    Yearly exams is a feature of secondary schools! Not even secondary! In college, we got continuous assessments. It was in PRIMARY that we got yearly exams!

    Enfin, it seems that it would be me and my batch that will have to endure... Call it justice.

  4. Anonymous |

    well why complain? you guys would have found a way to complain even if it was semester-wise. just live with it. everything wont be given to you on a velvet covered tray. be original.

  5. Sun |


    i dnt care si li changer ou pas..
    am done with this
    the only thing that would b plausible
    would b to have the resits at the next semester..

    from ur talks..parait to pas dans yearly system..enfin si jamais to de uom..i wonder..

    there are surely some weaknesses in the system..and its from our feedback..whether u like it or not that things can change..

    y hide behind anonymous?? put a nick atleast


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