Dark Times...

Written on Wednesday, May 02, 2007 by Sundeep Rambhojun

Dark times are here..

Assignments and tests will b over by monday..this week carried many sleepless nights..time tables have been distributed, we are all set for the "grand plongeon". Now starts the most tiring, stressful, and hard period of the year, the exams period.

This is the somewhat the same every year at the same period of time (due to the yearly system), except that this time am in my final year, there's no room for errors.

I wish i could blog a bit more, but i kinda badly lack sleep, and am having great difficulty posting typing (actually doing anything...).

Well posts might be eventually a bit rare, do my dear readers (if any :p), plz bear with me..

But i will b back..and the SUN will shine again

till then


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  1. Avi |

    we all going from the same stage , just a point where u just go to hang on to things reall tight like u said its da last round a little more of hard work n sacrifice its gonna pay at the end of the day ;)
    goodluck with it..dnt wory ur readers ( there r :) ) will surely understand.
    and it aint dark times.. ur just traveling and this period happens to b going trhough a tunnel .. u gona get out of it soon and theres gona b light at the end of this tunnel ..

  2. Infinity |

    HAWOOOOO!! Have courage my friend! 300 stood against a million. So you should be able to hold your ground! Let us know when the crisis is over! :D

  3. ron |

    Every sun must shine and you will again. Keep us update until then my best wishes of luck.

  4. Val |

    Squeaky bum time!!! Hawooo!!!


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