Written on Wednesday, June 27, 2007 by Sundeep Rambhojun

Well..seems like I eventually moved from the "Student" occupation to "Working" (and also my getting rare on blogging).

As u the title might suggest, I've joined work. Am currently working at Enterprise Data Services Ltd, at Rose Hill. Although my job title is not yet confirmed, since they haven't yet finalised my contract, my job title will is most probably, if not for sure, going to be Jr Network Support Engineer.

I can't tell much about the company activities. But would rather say we are in structured cabling, Hospitality Triple Play Services (actually my dept..), the company is actually a network integrator (like France said..).

Although its sometimes a bit under pressure..i do actually love that job..I got wonderful colleagues (who i hope are reading this..)..and theres a whole college of cute gurls just opposite to the office!! lol..

Bon..I am currently reading some documentation..for job purposes..can't say on wht am reading..coz its confidential..

So..this was a post..after..euh..some days..

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  1. csyke |

    bizin signe NDA tou pou coz ek toi aster la?

  2. Sun |

    en plus to depi ene competing firm..
    normal bizin sign NDA :p

  3. AMJ |

    NDA la c quoi?

  4. Infinity |

    Keep us updated about ur job! Seems interesting to me. Like what u learnt or things you cud teach us? That would be nice! :P

  5. avi |

    and when is d treat to celebrate u working :P

  6. Sun |

    @ AMJ

    NDA - Non Disclosure Agreement

    @ Infinity

    Sure dude..en temps et lieu..besides demain mo ena ene training session lor advanced structured cabling, Fibre Optics, GPON etc..

    Will keep u updated..when i can..

  7. Avi |

    guess u not replying me means we get no treat :(

  8. Sun |

    @ avi

    oops seems like i forgot to reply..
    well for that dear
    u need to b in mauritius..

  9. ~Maliha~ |

    I bet u use google and did a search for 'work' to get zat pix yeh?? lol..koz i kinda used zat 4a post on work as well! nywz gudluk 4ur work :p

  10. n!135h |

    bzn paye aster :D to travail >_<

    hey bzn fer 1 lan party do..apre kpv pa pou gagne time + mwa final year project :) {reussi passé lol}

    bon me pou bzn phobe twa de toute manir frero :D

    pa tro guet tifi,tention 1 groupe seviete dupain vine tire to mange :D

  11. n!135h |

    phone sa huh,pa phobe :D (01:30 a:m)

  12. ¥@$# |

    A whole post saying that you can't say things you wanted to say... LOL... Nice...

  13. MBB |

    Sundeep would you like to be a member of the Mauritius Blog Brethren?Visit our blog and let us know.

  14. Sun |

    y not?

  15. bbZuSh |

    Bein... good luck for the job :P

  16. Infinity |

    I see you don't have time nowadays.. if you have... TAGGED!

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