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Written on Tuesday, September 26, 2006 by Sundeep Rambhojun

This is my very first post here (hopefully not the last..). This week is one of wht i call a "shitty" week. I got test for the remaining days of the week, and have a project report to submit by friday. Seems like i'll have to slog hard this week, anyways, let's c the positive thing, next week i'll relax..cool..

PS. i also got RSS feeds, so if u r using firefox, click on the small orange square with white waves found on ur address bar (where you enter the website address..). This will keep u up to date with my blog, and if u dnt gave firefox..

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  1. www.уαѕнviη.tk |

    bonne initiative sundeep but dont u think at the bad time? lol, bkoz of ur tests n project report :P

    anyway, good luck for ur blog & hope it brings lots of articles, comments & above all, visitors!
    thats what we, webmasters or bloggers look for...
    & special request to people wiz a bit of jealousy in their mind: Keep away from hard working ppl!

    a +

  2. vicks |

    welcome to the world of blogging!!

    hope to see soem nice articles in here ;)


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