You simply cannot live without them

Written on Tuesday, September 26, 2006 by Sundeep Rambhojun

well, tommorow i have that audition for the Nomad Live Reality TV show, well i was just wondering, what software i would b using there, and then i started to think abt which software i cannot live without??

here is my choice:

1. Firefox (an open source web browser)
2. Thunderbird (an open source mail client)
3. Msn messenger/GAIM (an instant messenger --> Gaim is open source)
4. Winamp/VLC player (a media player --> VLC player is open source)
5. cant think of a 5th one bt if am on Linux, then the synaptic package manager is vital..

if am to use a pc, b sure to find these on it..

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  1. www.уαѕнviη.tk |

    i was there too...
    lets wait for the selection !

  2. Sun |

    i didnt get to go to the castings. i went on they cancelled the castings for that day..and the next day i was too busy..
    too bad didnt get to go :s


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