Work hard, party harder..

Written on Saturday, September 30, 2006 by Sundeep Rambhojun

well, this week's been very very very hectic..
had 3 tests..i managed to revise for only one..i was too busy with my project's background study(which is not complete yet btw..)
last saturday i had decided, that i will enjoy my last year at uni to the max..and i did it..well didn't get the opportunity i think iw ill go to all the parties around..and surely will have also to slog hard for the studies..coz i have to leave uni with atleast a 2:1..

well let's put aside the party or study thing..
let's talk abt games?

well, for the moment i've uninstall all games on my pc(i wonder y i did that..coz it didnt make me study more :s), i've tried install some of the games packages on ubuntu..indeed there is no need for speed-like or half-life like games there(those 2 are my all time favorites game..) but the games are very simple..and some are very addictive, i just installed a sudoku just love that game..i;ve also installed a flight simulator, unfortunately my screen doesnt support the refresh rate..and am still trying to figure out how to change the settings..

i had installed need for speed underground last week, to do some drifting (i was impressed by the drifts in tokyo drift !!!), well, i can wait wen i'll b doing it in a real bro doesnt wanna give me his car to try :s

need to go get ready to the's the last nite, and didnt go the previous days. well, basically am not that pious, i dnt really much believe in, coz, am still kinda looking for proofs, or atleast smtg concrete to make me believe in, bt, i do like to go the temple(mind you,not to c the gurls!!!!!) coz sometimes, the priest does say some interesting things..

my mum always tells me theres somtg wrong with me..i dnt do prayers in the morning, nor attend prayers..well i dnt find the need to..i dnt really believe in those things as such, is that wrong?? faith doesnt work like that..i dnt believe..or rather i dnt believe still waiting for some sort of sign..that really wanna makes me believe in it..did u get ur sign??

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  1. www.уαѕнviη.tk |

    while driving i do take out my hand to notify other drivers (this was when i hadnt my driving license yet)

    n if u mean god sign...
    not really, he badly needs to attend some lectures on Communication Skills!

    btw, am i the only guy to post in this blog? this is y i am sometimes discouraged to start my own blog!

  2. Sun |

    Atleast mo konner ena 2 dimoune p post lor mo blog..toi ek xtased..pas kass tete
    nous ena encore ene lot blog..
    initially nous ti p plan to do smtg else of linn vinn ene blog..

  3. vicks |

    hehe am the second after yashvin then, got your link from his blogroll, and kinda liked ur views you posted on
    the-sundeep just got tagged!

    i think we started our blogs at the same time lol

  4. Anonymous |

    wawa sundeep .... u fill in da blnks!! wel signs huh!! wel me 2 pan truv da signs la huh btwe bth kno wt we do in mandir na?? tlk of multitaskin!! hey da blog iz cool. kip it up!! btw wen a post on bleach?? to kner kisanla mwa na dnt nid 2 put my nme

  5. Anonymous |

    nice blog

    i've used blogger in the past,
    but didn't really liked it

    word press is much nicer with the sidebar widgets, already implemented :P


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