Written on Thursday, September 28, 2006 by Sundeep Rambhojun

OST - music from films..

In the past years OSTs are becoming more and more important in the film industry..in the past there were some films here and there that happened to have good score. The so called OST was not that marketable, lately, it seems to me at about the time Matrix was released, OST started to take more importance. Indeed The Matrix OST was one of my favorites, actually the whole saga had an exceptional OST.

Besides at that time, i was much into the rock/metal attitude, and The Matrix OST was much of a blend of Hard techno rock. Following the matrix other had some interesting soundtracks..of course those i'll b mentionning are mostly of my taste of music (its my blog..remember???). The Resident Evil soundtrack was just too good..since it featured my favorite band at that time Slipknot. That was the old time. There was also the Queen of the damned which according to me was excellent (i was much interested in gothic rock..vampire stuff etc etc etc). So many films followed..bt the latest (and the reason for which am posting this..) is the Fast and Furious :Tokyo Drift featuring the great Terriyaki boyz track. I believe many ppl like this song, since i've seen many ppl listening to that track on their MSN.

Those of u who didnt hear from it..go look for it..it damn good (depending on ur musical taste..)

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  1. xtased |

    b sure to check Prison Break's Soundtack :)

    nice blog btw :)

  2. Sun |

    i'll check it, and probably get the songs next time i come to ur plc :p


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