Quand maman joue au Dr...

Written on Sunday, October 08, 2006 by Sundeep Rambhojun

was sick..
have a cough which is still not leaving me..and i've quit smoking..i've tried everythng..cough drops, cough syrup..everythng that could medically stop this cough..nothing..
then came my mum's idea..
traditional medecine..
well, for once i agreed to be the "cobaye" of her experiment..

1st mixture : ene lespece melange avek cresson, du miel, ek mantegue..the taste was that bad..
Result : no apparent change..
2nd mixture : milk + butter
Result : no change
3rd mixture : i forgot the name of the leaves,bt there was also honey mixed with..and it had an awful taste
Result : niet..
4th mixture : boiled cinnamon+ du thym + limon
Result : nothing..hmm perhaps a slight soothing or just a coincidence that i was not coughing
5th mixture : milk + saffran vert
result : ur piss turn yellow..dark yellow..almost orange :s
6th mixture : boiled cinnamon + du thym + du miel + orange zest(limon was over)..it had an awful taste
Result : i didnt even drink it..had an awful smell
7th attempt : pure honey..i liked it
Result : bt no apparent result :s
8th attempt : melted mantegue :s euhh..beurrrrrrkkkkkkkk
Result : do i need to say??
9th attempt : my dad told me to chew some ginger when i was coughing..ouch..bad taste..
result : slight soothing..bt imagine my poor tongue's suffering :s
10th attempt : i forgot wht it was..didnt drink it..threw it outside
result: fortunately the grass didnt dry up
11th attempt (5 min ago) : milk + cloves + butter
result: i almost threw up with the taste of that milk..and spilled the milk over me

wht next? :s
btw did i say am still coughing???

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  1. www.уαѕнviη.tk |

    al guet doctor matelot!

    to pas pu payer si to al lhopital mais mo cpv fini dire twa ki to pu gagner :P

    some panadols,
    ene sirop tousser...

    pas dire gouverment la pas bon!

    n to mum ? desperate hope...
    li p try to do the best for her son!

  2. vicks |

    Normal premier minis la sorti cot yashvin.. li pou dire mem li bon :P

    hey.. try something ki "chaud" sauf to la gorge..

    things like moutard, onions etc

    ene bon melange par exemple c ene vindaye!! :P both moutard n onions and limons also
    emplus pou taste good :P

    sinon ene bon salad "watever"..with lots of onions and ene ti cuillere d'huile moutard!!

    Dad pas ien done toi ene peg??
    sa ousi capaV marC

    termogene lor gorge, estomac, derrier zoreile, something autour licou pou garde chaud!!

    mo comprend toi.. coz moi ousi mem zafer when mo malade

  3. Laura |

    wow...all that u had to go through...damn u must have suffered!!
    hope u gng to get better!1:)

  4. Deepa |

    Sa montre to mama kumien kntan twa,li ggn traka pu so garcon.

    Mo ti envi dir twa bonne chance pu ban nouveau attempts ki to mama pu fer lor.

    Get well soon!!


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