Written on Monday, November 20, 2006 by Sundeep Rambhojun

been working for DCL on its stand at Infotech..
was pretty tiring..
bt was a good experience..
the DCL stand was in a very strategic position
just in front of us was the HM Rawat stand..with its loads of pretty gurls and a sexy BMW Z4..and just behind them was the Emtel stand with their Cowgurls..iiiiiihaaaaaaaaa...the 4 days went on very smoothly had a quite pretty neighbourhood u c..
oh and i also got to meet many ppl..and had the opportunity to use a Dell Inspiron..with Intel Core Duo 2.16Ghz, 100GB hard disk, 256MB GeForce FX7800GT, 1GB RAM, 17" Wide screen, and Dual Layer DVD RW..its price was only Rs. 85,990 +vat..
I didnt have much time to go visit all the infotech this year didnt seem that impressive to me..Nokia phones didnt impress me..the only thing that attracted ppl to that stand was the Z4 and for guys like me the chicks..same for the Emtel stand..i even managed to befriend one of the Cowgurls..and that was coz i needed a battery charger for my mob..not only coz she was pretty sexy and hot :p
the UoM stand wasnt that interesting..neither were the other stands..i spend most of my time on the DCL stand explaining ppl the difference between intel pentium family, dual core, celeron and amd family processors..and also y they should use or atleast try linux..or i was giving a demonstration of Need for Speed Carbon on the Game Stations or i was taking a round distributing that was mostly wen i spotted a cute gurl :p or was simply on a friend's stand trying Need For Speed Underground 2 with a steering wheel and pedals..
that was a good experience..very still was interesting to meet so many ppl..i dunno if i will work for another if i have the opportunity i wnt refuse

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  1. Dav |

    stil the same always on the outlook of pou fer ..ey Sun if there wasnt any gals around would u have survived hhihi...euh well lets also add No gals...No pc...No Games..hiihi i wonder what would happen to u...but that would b smthing ill definitely like to see...

  2. Sun |

    i wouldnt invented them if they didnt exist :p

    frank tout..
    kouma mo pou vivre sinon????


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