Written on Tuesday, November 21, 2006 by Sundeep Rambhojun

i've finished it in less that 24hrs (abt 17hrs plus precisement..)(not continuous..). Need for Speed Carbon is too easy :s..
The only interesting..less easy part of the games were the canyon drifts and sprints..else the games was rather short..there was no spectacular pursuits as in Most Wanted..since i didnt get busted at all (Akshay got me busted while he was playing on my that doesnt count..)
Although i was much addicted to the game..mostly because i wanted to know wht will come ahead..i need to say i finished the career mode..there are still many things i'll b doing the challenges..and unlock all the reward cards..i've already started another career with Muscle cars..the first one was in Tuner mode..Tuner cars are much more manageable..if u are used to them..i will try the Muscle cars since i heard they were the hardest to manage..

In general, i would say the game didnt impress me much..the career mode was way too ya with the canyon races..those saved the game from being a flop..anyways..if u havent played it..go get it..ah..i would forget..the drifts are just fantastic..u might initially find some difficulty since they are not always like in the previous once u master it..u will b sliding all over the track..i have an account on and uploaded some pics of my cars i havent yet been able to access it..

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