Brad's Birthday

Written on Tuesday, December 12, 2006 by Sundeep Rambhojun

Saturday was Brad's Birthday..
i didn't post the pics before..since

1. didn't get the time
2. didn't have a web album
3. my usb cable was at my bro's

i found the time..and looked for a web album..and after much hesitation between Flickr and Picasa..i chose Picasa, though i also created a flickr account.. are the pics..

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  1. dav. |

    il est tro mimi ce boutdechou muaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh

  2. dav |

    euta tro cocasse li ek saba ..atleast zot ena chance zot hihi

  3. vicks |

    haha.. li at uom last friday i think...

    sa ki attire regard bannes mines la sa!!!! fouff 4 ans mem li fer banens femmes la tomBe

    ena lor li :P


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