Tagged for the first time by Yashvin

Written on Saturday, December 09, 2006 by Sundeep Rambhojun

i have been tagged by Yashvin
it the first time i've been tagged, and i dnt really know wht am to do..bt that tag named A to Z seemed pretty fun..u'll know me from A to Z..
let's c :

A - Available?

The answer would depend on who is asking? I'm available for u all cute and sexy gurls :-p

B - Best Friends?

Ouch..this is a real tough tough tough question..i would have a too big list here..since i find all my friends are best friends..bt since i have to give a name..i would say........Bradley :-) o and perhaps my PC :-p

C - Cake or Pie?

Cake..Black Forrest is my favorite

D - Drink of choice?

wow..so many..Blue Sambucca, Glenfiddich, Johnny Walker Red/Black/Blue label, Jack Daniels, Green Island+sprite+lemon+ice, beer, fruit juice, water, cappuccino, espresso..and so many more..

E - Essential Item you use everyday ?

my pc, my toothbrush,

F - Favorite color ?

BLACK..and dark colors..bt nowadays am more open to warm colors

G - Gummy bears or worms?


H - Hometown ?


I - Indulgence ?

Mistakes can b forgiven..anything else..never

J - January or February ?


K - Kids and their names ?

i dnt have any..bt i suppose all of u who know me know Bradley..and hw much he means to me
bt if am to have kids some day..i'd like to have a boy first and a little gurl..have no idea abt the names..bt they will b cute names..for cute and smart kids of course..

L - Life is incomplete without ?

my family
my friends
my pc

M - Marriage date ?


N - Number of Siblings ?

3 big bros..

O - Oranges or Apples ?

Green apples..

P - Phobias/Fear ?

Spiders and cockroaches

Q - Favorite quote ?

"ki ggt?!?!"

R - Reason to smile ?

Can b for any reason..or not reason at all..bt most of the time..its wen Brad is around..

S - Season ?

If only december could b in winter..

T - Tag 3 or 4 people ??


U - Unknown fact abt me ?

Am a secret agent
If i told u, i would have to kill u after..

V - Vegetables u dnt like ?

euh..so many..pipangail..angiv..margoze..lalo..voeme..patole..ayo ene tas..

W - Worst habbit ?


X - X-rays u've had ?


Y - Your Favorite Food ?

depends..unlike yashvin..i can b real difficult on that..unless am really starving

Z - Zodiac Sign ?

belier - 18th april - dnt forget my gift

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  1. yashakun |

    seems brad is more than a fam to u...
    anyway, what u do wiz ur life is none of my concern :P

    bein sinon c vraie...
    tag games are always very interesting koz u get to learn a lot about the person in a funny way...

  2. vicks |

    zotte ine develop ene new system pou communiQ??

    pe fer moi rapel Rugoo... la :P

  3. Sini - lepop |

    franchement, mo pa ti pou post n comment moi mais vu ki to p demander... (kav dire non la?!)lol.
    ouais b mo dacor ar to kam la, paret kouma dir ki brad to fam! mo sagrin sa fam ki to pou gagner la, brad pou n mari rival! ek fr tention ena dimune kav amerder tou, to koner kisanla mo p mean la?! ;)
    sinon aster la ki mone koner ki to n laraker!
    ek ki to pa kone ecrire forest! hahaha
    ek ena n possibiliter ki to ban zenfan pa pou cute ek smart... :p
    sameme tou mo croire ki mo ena pou dire...
    an oui!
    ek mo p fr toi n groooooooo bizou! (pou n foi ki mo pa p fr brad bizou!lol.)
    et j'tm tres 4! ;)


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