Festive season?

Written on Tuesday, December 26, 2006 by Sundeep Rambhojun

Perrier-Jouet at the New Year, 2006 (Macro)

The festive season is here, yups..so??

I actually love this season, it really feels like there is a lot more in the air (apart from pollution). There is indeed something more..some kind of..joy..or happiness..it is something very well tangible..and yet so invisible..

its actually so fun to walk around in the much animated streets..

well..this also is a great "instrument de torture" for singles like me..walking the streets full of loving happy couples, i just watched a movie on mbc1, His and her Christmas ,which deals about 2 journalist with 2 different viewpoints on Christmas (and both were single) and how they fell in love etc etc..all that to show the magic of Christmas..

Well i don't deny that..the whole from period is really magical..still..you kinda get bored with this whole thing..specially if you're single..lazy..and have nothing to do for the whole day..anyways..i do hope that this will change, and some more positive things will hatch up like me meeting some1 and its a love at first sight..bzzzzzzz..pafffff...boum.

Well anyways..

i can only wish you all to enjoy this festive season..shop a lot..drink a lot..bt don't drive then..

PS. Photocourtesy : DCVoyager

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  1. vicks |

    Pe plaignE mem about being single!!! lol


  2. Sun |

    ki pou fr :s
    esperons ke va va changer this year

  3. ron |

    Well! il faut avoir beaucoup de patience tous vas changer pour le meilleur.


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