Merry Xmas

Written on Tuesday, December 26, 2006 by Sundeep Rambhojun

merry xmas to every1


been a while i didnt post here..was very a bit lazy..

hmm in there past days there was the end of year party at the uom..

i got the opportunity to "met ene plan boire" with some class friends..with whom i never had to opportunity before..

well that was a great plan..

after the end of year party i went to kitsch with my friend vishal..

kitsch is indeed the place to be..

then today..


had a small get-together with the family..

my nephews got their new ps2..we only need a memory card and an additional controller, they are currently out of stock (originals) :s

i got some money..another a channel 5 perfume..and a new typist chair for my workspace..i didnt get to cange my glasses this year :s guess will have to wait a bit more

well it hasnt been a bad except that i found out 2 things..

1. Bolom noel pas exister..

2. The typist chair is great for racing around the house..


i will just take this opportunity to wish every1 a merry xmas..

ps. i will give myself a gift..will buy a new gaming keyboard and mouse from A4Tech..which seemed pretty interesting and affordable.

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  1. vicks |

    mouse and keyboard.. nice
    Pleasing yourself :P

    typist chair really nice.. Fe**e pas fermal when to travay longtemps!! :P

  2. Sun |

    li mari confortable tout..

    mo pann ressi gagne mous ek keyboard it..en lespace 2 jrs it was already out of mouse la seulement ti fini..
    sinc ei need a new mouse..i bought an optical A4tech 2X quick mouse..and i need to works real well
    monn finally ressi get to use my gaming mousepad..and doing some great headshots in CS


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