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Written on Sunday, January 14, 2007 by Sundeep Rambhojun

There is another movie that i am waiting for impatiently, and which will b out in may 2007..

I guess i will have to put my arachnophobia aside for Spider-man 3. This will be the third installment of the Spider-man movie franchise. This movie marks an important milestone both for Peter Parker and Spider-man. Peter Parker will have to overcome his feeling of revenge while he is confronted to the killer (Flint Marko) of his uncle , and proposes M.J. While as Spider-man he will have to face Sandman (transformed Flint Marko..), the Goblin (now its the turn of Harry Osbourne to wear the green costume)..and himself as his costume symbioses with an alien life force than influences his behaviour. Yes..Spidey becomes that won't last. According to what i remember from the comics i used to read while i was a kid (i used to read the comics from my bro's drawer without him knowing), after Spidey gets rid of the alien life force, the latter symbioses with Eddie Brocke Jr., a photograph, to transform his into Venom. However, this is not yet shown in the trailer, however they do show some violent exchanges between Peter and Eddie. Now i wonder if they are not keeping it for some Spider-man 4?? Anyways..below is a trailer of Spider-man 3.

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