Wind of change..

Written on Saturday, January 13, 2007 by Sundeep Rambhojun

As u might've seen, there's been some changes over here..Indeed, i thought some changes might be welcomed..i wonder if u like the new look of this blog..

its a bit like i got carried by my dark side..and painted it with some darker (and some1 pointed out)

what's new? nothing much as such..only a there'z a music player now..where from time to time i will b putting some music i like..basically i can put only 1 song at a time hopefully i'll find a way to put more songs.

Warmer colours might come back..perhaps a bit later? who knows? and who cares??

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  1. dav |

    new look same great taste ;).. ya sme ppl do ..

  2. yashakun |

    gr8 but mo pas trop content sa blue la..
    li pas match wiz the background...
    a toi de voir...
    n kifer to pas pense pu apply for a hosting at
    will be nicer :)

  3. Sun |

    @Dav : thx..koike for the taste u need to check..

    @Yashvin : hmm en bleu la initially ti siposer ene nuance de finally monn pense Optimus Prime dans transformer..ene lepok mo ti mari content sa robot la..b li si li rouge ek pou re change pas definitif sa..anyways..kiken inn dire moi li fr mo blog cold..ek pas acceuillant.tandis ki avant la ti plis p essay design epouse les ene mari bon dans gphx moi

  4. dav.. |

    lol ..

  5. dav.. |

    moi jm bien plus vivant ainsi.. plus lively.. and really match ya blog name the Beat.. ;)

  6. Chastity |

    Good post.


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