Written on Thursday, January 11, 2007 by Sundeep Rambhojun

All of you who know me know this fact abt me..

I have a phobia of spiders..

i just survived an attack a few minutes ago

it was abt usual bed time..turned off the light..and got into bed

it was pretty hot and although i was a bit sleepy i still wasn't comfortable enough to sleep..

suddenly i saw smtg moving on the ceiling..initially i thought it was just lizard..but then i realised that it had too many legs for a lizard..

i woke up in panic and found out in great horror that it was a massive spider of abt 10 cm diameter..

i also realised i forgot to close my was from there he came..

i already had difficulty to face smaller this one was a MONSTER!!!

i rushed to get the that i do not lose track of the spider..they are rather good in hiding themselves..

i thought i would hit it..and when i fell down i would hit it until it came to pieces..

bt as soon as it moved..

i dropped the broom and ran out of the room

i went to get a spray can of DOOM..

there wasn't much left..and used it up on it..although it used to have some effect on the smaller one..this one seemed to be unharmed..and it moved closer to my bed

thank god..

my mum heard all the noise and rushed to come c wht i was up to..

although mum is not afraid of those monsters..she was startled to c that big monster..

so i again used the DOOM to make the spider run..and as soon as my mum got a clear shot..she would take it down with the broom, bt the spider was too fast

she missed it and it fell right on my pillow..

mum threw the pillow outside and removed the cover..(mo pas konner kouma dire taie d'oreiller)

bt the spider was no longer there..

it was on the sofa in the living fell down while mum was taking it down

we again try to hit it..

it hid under the sofa

as it got out mum try another hit..

this time if fell outside..

bt we weren't so sure

so we waited for a while..

bt it was really outside..

mum changed the bedsheets..and gave me another pillow..

bt i wasn't willing to sleep..was talking to her

wen suddenly another smaller yet still scary spider surfaced from under my bed

this one was taken down easily

and thrown outside..

now its 1.44 am

and i cant sleep..thats y am here blogging..

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  1. vicks |


    midnight hunt!!

    bein Spiders morice pas dangereux non :P

    still.. couvert dormi :)

  2. yashakun |

    morale de l'histoire :
    tous le temps, garde ene doom a porter de main :)

  3. Sun |

    mo ti pou guette toi couvert dormi avk ene gros bebete coumsa lor to plafond

    wai..usually tout le temps ena ene Doom kitpar par case of li pas that effective contre arraignee

    mo croire mo peinture mo nouvo lasam ek sa la peinture anti insect la

  4. Anonymous |

    lol... to fer moi gagne rie franc tou .. Sun 1 ti zaraigne ki pou fer toi to croie hihi

  5. Sun |

    li pas ti tipti..
    li ti bien gros..
    ek li ti horrible..

  6. dav.. |

    lol mais can mem ..eutaa :) mon dire toi aret met drap blue met seki rose zot pa pou vini lerla ;)

  7. dav.. |

    lol mais can mem ..eutaa :) mon dire toi aret met drap blue met seki rose zot pa pou vini lerla ;)

  8. arsha |

    fer moi pens mo sis, avi, im kinda scared of spiders coz of her only, she ends up crying n shouting wen thrs one around. comom man, my chachi always tells her '1 zaraigner sa, li li per toi,kifer to per li toi?' i thk its true, coz the spider always runs away wen thy c us.

  9. Sun |

    @ Arsha :

    wai mo mama si dire moi meme zaffaire..
    depi mo tipti monn per ti p ress port louis..bien lontant sa..inn gagner ene 18 ans de cela..while i was still living in a colonial style house in ti ena 4 ans par la..
    mo ti retrouve moi enfermer dans la cave ek ene gros araigne..
    ek li ti a peine kelke cm pli loin
    ek monn gagne pou guette li face a face dans so bann lizier..
    sa ti mari scary..
    monn hurler hurler..
    took my mum some 15 mins(aster la ti kav moins oci) to take me out of there..ek ti ena encore ene tas lezot araigne..tout otour...ek ti ena ene ti p marche lor moi..
    ek pas ti ban tipti zaraignee hein..bann gros gros mama araignee..
    depuis sa mne koumence mari per zot..
    zot penser ena ene cure pou sa??

  10. arsha |

    to bne zistoi spiders la, fer bne bon scenario pou bne fim
    i thk dt u can read frm the net, ena bne tips pou overcome sa
    sinon mo pens pa ici ena bne group therapy etc kikav aid toi overcome sa.
    satisfair toi ek cki ena lor net.

  11. sunflower aveish |

    Pillow case- taie d'oreiller. Don't use Doom mate, use Vlido. It's much better. I have a thing about spiders. I love them sooooo much I start screaming my head off and start to shiver and get rooted into place. I just stand there and scream and shiver. Funny thing is that whenever I scream, everybody recognises it as "The Scream" I've done some pretty nasty stuff with spiders with my cousin- I usually shower them with fuel and set them alight when they under the influence of Vlido. They actually scream you know. Nasty fuckers. Yuck. You're an inspiration. I'll probably blog about them this afternoon. Keep reading.

  12. Sun |

    @Sunflower : hmm, u seem to have tortured esperer bann commission droit des animaux (or rather droit des araignee) pas condamne toi pour atrocite..
    Need to try Vlido..akoz Doom la frank pas si mo bien content zot kouma toi..since i got the same feeling of "joy" wen i c them..


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