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Written on Sunday, June 08, 2008 by Sundeep Rambhojun

Back to blogging? am i?

Well i just kinda felt an urge to write. There's currently the song Feeling Good by Muse playing. Am i feeling good? Well all the signs show that i am..

Well, I have tried to change the look of the blog, and updated some information about me. No this ain't another blog of a 24 yr old geek. It's a blog about me, people, technology, if it is interesting enough..its about everything, viewed from my eyes.

Y did i decided to blog after so long? Well there surely are some reasons. The two most important reasons if i might say: How i fell out of love..or atleast still trying..i'll write a post soon enough about the matter. The second one..well..i've decided to quit smoking, now i know some of you will b laughing soon as u read this sentence. Well, i dunno if i'll be able the quit at all, but i'll give it a try seriously.. and perhaps write about my progress over here..and eventually, help some of you who wanna quit? Btw i haven't been smoking since friday night..and i still dnt feel the usual urge to smoke..perhaps am i on the good way?

Oh concerning the blog, when it so happened i kind lost some of the widgets i had while changing the template. I'll have to get the links of the people back here..or maybe not..if they want me to have there link here..they're gonna have to ask me..coz most of them blogs i dnt read anymore..dnt really have the time..and sometimes..some are just boring..blogging about the same stuffs..

Well i might be the same as well..but..who cares?

So this was my first post..after some..euh months..hopefully i'll be back sooner than later..

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  1. n!135h |

    for the smoking part :D, loll

    enfin si you reussi, mo pou content m moi ^^ (Sa rapel moi sa calendriyé u ti show me the other time ;))

    mange r li sun ;)

  2. Sun |

    ki calendrier?

    na tot ou tard pou quit smoking..kifer pas tot
    enfin mo p dire
    reste a savoir si mo ressi fr li..
    atleast si pas ressi quit net..diminuer

  3. n!135h |

    sa m, calandrié kot ti met combien zour pa ti fimé la ;)...lor la porte tombe dan salon la :P

    btw lor blog la,li p dire moi missing plugin :s (pou 1 ban apps par la me think)

  4. Sun |

    en sa calendrier la.. inn gagne ene mari lepok sa
    non mo pas pou compte zour aster
    mo pou nek pas fimer saeme

    pou plugin la pas kass tete..pencore gagne update real player pou sa version firefox to p use si mo gagne sa
    par contre si to run li lor ene vier firefox ki pann servi real player mais internet explorer li marcher..lor IE si li work..ofaite ene lamizik background sa
    mo croire mo pou tire li mo pou met li apres..dans vitesse mne met sa..

  5. n!135h |

    hehe waiii time will tell ;)

    enfin plugin la..waii mo sure sa m sa ..enfin pa grave lol

  6. Anonymous |

    I should notify my girlfriend about it.


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