Falling out of love - The definitive guide

Written on Sunday, June 08, 2008 by Unknown

Every relationship comes with an expiry date. Believe it or not..some come earlier..and some much later..

What to do when the time comes? Very often this kind of feeling happens to one of the partner in the couple..either he/she does not want to continue with the relationship, or he/she doesn't seem to feel anything for the other one. Well here a link where you could get a test for that..

Let's say you are in the situation of the other partner, you've been dumped or about to be dumped by your bf/gf, yet you still happen to have very strong feelings for that person. Things could get pretty messy over here..trust me i know what am saying.

Well if you are in that situation, or u just wanna get over it, here's some advice, which I have been applying since some weeks and they actually seem to work.

Step 1: Remove all the traces of that person in you life. Well you could eventually block the person from ur IM/facebook, delete his/her sms, delete his/her pictures, return him/her their gifts or throw them away (this could be rude) or keep it somewhere in a dark corner you will forget it ever existed. This is a very first step.

Step 2: You might wanna avoid coming across that person on the road, hence you won't go to places where you are sure u are gonna meet that person in the very near future..perhaps afterward when you are done. This would also imply, not meeting common friends for a while.

Step 3: If you happen to still b friends with the person, you might wanna distance yourself a bit, it might be pretty painful to wanna be as close as possible with the you love but the latter no longer treat you the same. So taking some distance would do you good.

Step 4: Its a real good idea to meet new people, in the past few weeks, i have met more people that i ever did while i was with my ex, and it felt real good meeting new people. Oh yeah, you could also go out more often with ur friends, have fun..clubbing would be great, shopping with friends as well would go great..you could also take this opportunity to do all the things that you always wanted to do, but you couldnt cause of your bf/gf. I am sure there is a list of such things..do it..be it eating smtg in particular or having a one night stand..just do it..

Step 5: After taking some distance, you can now make a list why things wouldn't work. She was too bitchy..she was too bossy..he was too jealous..he was not caring enough..write it out down..

Step 6: One lost...many more found..

As much as you would wanna forget the person and not feel anything for that person, there will be times where u'll be missing that person, or be pissed when some1 else is flirting with him/her. Just keep in mind some of the feelings might not ever disappear, but hey..we need to move on don't we? So let's move on..

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  1. Anonymous |

    been there ;)

    seen it....got over it....saw you see it and saw you got over it...and many others in the same time...life is a bitch sometimes but hey...no one said it was gonna be easy...^^

    hope things get better bro ;)

  2. Unknown |

    well..things are getting better for me..

    let's hope it gets better for the one who left me..coz after all..shez the one losing me non?

    Apres si..foder pas blier..nou p coz Sundeep la..the sundeep...

  3. Anonymous |

    lol weekend nu met 1 plan boulette ;)

    hehe mercredi presentation la :P

    Apres si..foder pas blier..nou p coz Sundeep la..the sundeep...

    normo papi, kot kpv bliyé sa :P

  4. Yashvin |

    1 aller, 10 vini...

    mo si mone passe par sa, n it happenned for the best....

    pas veut dire mone gagne 10 :P mais li vo 10 fois the other one :D

    welcome back to blogging!

  5. Pramod |

    I have done something like this... and Yes bro u are right... the only thing i did not do was to remove all her traces... This would have been an insult to my love... :)
    Anyway it's her life she got the right to choose her own path... all we want for the one we love is her hapiness... so i just pray she is happy wherever she is... And one more thing... Why using that word "ex"? this keeps reminding you she was ur gf before. Just forget the word "ex" just refer to her as a friend ;) Life comes back to normal... :)

  6. Anonymous |

    Every word u wrote is true, be it the intro, the steps or even the conclusion and wat u wrote in the conclusion is in fact the fing wich can prevent u from forgetting that person, dts y uv got to go on with ur life seperately

    I really like wt uv written, the feelings uv had and your way of taking things to move forward (dts exactly my way of seeing and doing fings in such a case)..

    got to get back to ur blog a bit more often.. so BOOKMARKED ;p

  7. Unknown |


    indeed 1 aller..ena fois vraieme 10 vini..


    Sounds very nice and caring..but am sure u gonna agree with me..when u are the good guy..u get stumped..so y not be a bit mean?


    Ths bro..am glad u liked what i wrote..keep on coming..there'll b more..

  8. Pramod |


    .when u are the good guy..u get stumped..so y not be a bit mean?

    Yeah maybe at this point you are right... they just know how to use people here... So we got to be A BIT mean... do not forget... only A BIT... ;) Because i still trust today there are a lot of good persons out there in this world... :)

  9. Unknown |

    being a little bit mean and a little bit selfish has never harmed any1..every1 else does so..

  10. Anonymous |

    sarcastic as usual !! and so overconfident ya !!

  11. Unknown |

    that's my style :)

  12. khevina |

    hey just got curious seeing the link on ya msn ...
    somewhere you are right, all the things you wrote, it's been 6 mths since i broke up, did all thats mentioned.. still i feel stuck ... any advice?

  13. Unknown |

    @ khevina

    well as i said
    might be the feelings are still there..mais moi mo penser kav kitpar..to pas envi move on..meme ki kantiter to konner to bizin move on ek to penser to envi move on..

    mo penser li imper parey kouma aret fumer ou aret boire ou aret anything ki addictive..the first thing u need is motivation..bien souvent..c cki nous fait defaut..

    hmm well for me..i've been able to move on a bit more..mais en ce ki concern cesser de fumer..today i smoked only 4 1/2 as u can c i couldnt stop at once..perhaps with time?

    so why not give yourself some time..bien souvent kav arriver ki u need something of higher magnitude to wipe out this feeling..i am sure..there must be something that will have this effect on u...

    look for it..

  14. Pramod |

    Love is more addictive than any other thing... ;) We end up being addicted to the person we love, that's normal... :) Mais bon passons... We all can get over it if we really want to. (Where there's a will there's a way) ;)

  15. Unknown |


  16. Sh|n|ng Star |

    Hmmm... Totally true! ! !
    But sumtimz it takes an eternity to get sum1 outa ur lifE...
    Pffffffff!! Quel v|e...

    Mai bon da best fing to do is to kip urself busy...hav fun! n liv lyf to da max!!



  17. Anonymous |

    Hi Sundeep. Stumbled upon your blog while browsing other blogs, so hope you won't mind that I comment on this thread.

    Surviving a break-up is never easy, its hard to get accustomed to life as it is after hanging on so much to someone.
    I think sometimes relationships trap us into us being people we're not, you stop hanging out with some friends cuz you would rather spend time with ur other half. Therefore, when a breakup happens the emptiness drives you completely crazy and you resort to god knows how many techniques to be back to normal.

    My advice to anyone in that state would be to face that emptiness and realise how great life can be lived in the single. Get your confidence back, do things you would never do but have always wanted to.
    Its all about being happy the way you are, not just trying to be happy, if you see what I mean. :)

  18. TiBoudouf |

    #7 Play warcraft 3 ^ ^

  19. Pramod |

    @tiboudouf: Wai ene bon l'idee, become a gamer... enfin those who were into gaming before falling in love... :P Or even those who were not into gaming...

  20. Anonymous |

    watever happens...life moves on :)

  21. Unknown |

    it does indeed


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