Firefox Flawed???

Written on Wednesday, November 29, 2006 by Sundeep Rambhojun

hmm..many of u know that Firefox is my favorite web browser..
unfortunately been having some probs with Firefox 2.0..i know that i was talking a lots of good things abt Fx2.0 in some previous posts, still am a great fan of Firefox..
hmm actually there are two major observations I've made..whether they are related?? that i dnt really know..

I usually download lots of things, and very often use the Auto-Shutdown feature of flashget when my downloads are completed. Bt the prob is that i was getting some error message at shutdown, where there was some process XPCOM:EventViewer could not b terminated..tht sux..since the whole shutdown process blocks waiting for some1 to click on the End Now button..and comme par hasard...there is no one day my pc stayed on that blocked state a whole day..i had put Autoshutdown on to download smtg that would take some 15 minutes while leaving home in the morning..when i got back home at around 10 pm or so..i was shocked to c it stuck on that error message..pffftttt..

Next i wonder if some of u have noticed that although u have closed firefox, it is still resident in memory and consumes abt 22,000K of memory..note that for a process that has basically been terminated 22,000K is a that is not the only problem..i initially thought that this was done on purpose so that the next time the use launches Firefox, it will load faster, since it is already in, unfortunately i noticed that on launching Firefox again..another firefox.exe process is process is created..and this goes on and on..

i usually launch Firefox many times a day..imagine my surprise at the end of the day to notice that there was as many Firefox instance running while i had closed all instances..and that consumed much memory..

On doing some research i found out even the Firefox guys were unsure of the source of that XPCOM prob..initally i thought it was due to the multiple instances of Firefox remaining in memory..since manually killing all the processes "solved" the in many cases, disabling the TalkBack plugin or some other plugin solved the prob..which i tried..and sign of the XPCOM error message..i hope it last..however..i still have no clue for the multiple instances of Firefox..on taking a look at the firefox forums..i found out i was not the only one..and there was no answer from mozilla developers yet..

NOTE: this problem is inexistent in Linux..

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