Written on Thursday, December 07, 2006 by Sundeep Rambhojun

Been in my mind to do some podcast..didn't have a subject though..
then this morning while listening to the news..an idea hit me..
hw abt a podcast concerning the day's news..that would b a way to help mauritians abroad keep in touch with whts going on in mauritius..
bt i didnt know whr to keep the podcasts..i ask a friend, Zlug of nubaz.com whther he would mind keeping the podcast, actually i wanted to do a sort of news bulletin on the nubaz radio, (on which am casting since monday..), bt the podcast seemed more convenient..
i proposed to send him a maquette and if that seemed interesting enough, soon my blog, and nubaz.com would have a podcast section..

they challenge now is to actually implement wht i have in mind..dealing with the day's news, without the boredom of normal news bulletins, giving it a youth touch..keep it as simple as possible..and as credible as possible..and of course in our very own creole..

well tom i will b working on the maquette..
let's c how it will b..
(finalement mo reve vinn animateur radio nepli trop loin pou vin realiter :p :p)

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  1. vicks |

    paraite interestant

    moi ousi ti pe pense sa..

    mais mo ti plus ver genre iptv shows..

    cot nou ti pou fer banens ti reportage pou expliq banens terms in computing.. ou some geeky stuffs..

    hehe.. si sa vien populaire.. cpave fer cash tou ek sa :)

  2. Sun |

    my aim was not to make money..
    mais..popularite la pkoi pas :p
    mo pann gagne letan work lor sa zordi si..
    perhaps demain..
    am too tired la
    zordi apres ene lepok monn alle gymkhana pou fr imper sport..
    and at the last min mo couz inn challenge moi pou ene sprint..
    am tired..
    and ya..
    smoking is really bad for health..

  3. dav |

    at last to p gagne impe lesprit ki SMOKING IS NOT GOOD FOR HELTH !!!!! SO now that u got some inteingence back u better keep it ther :)
    hii ..ek depi can to ti envi vin animateur radio..:S
    combien ambition ek reve to ena coumsa ...:) hihi

    wel hope want u want to achieve u do it ..:) so takecare n good luck am off to sleep fini 0130 am la ek i got class tomorrow...


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