Cellplus promo

Written on Saturday, December 09, 2006 by Sundeep Rambhojun

Ah..finally smtg interesting..cellplus just started a promotional campaign starting today..well i dnt really care abt the other offers, since firstly, i am not planning to buy another sim card..coz am satisfied with my num (XXX5500), next, i dnt think i'll consume Rs500 of credit in 1 month and consequently, i wnt get the world tout. Bt what i really liked..and i almost kissed the advert..was the 50% discount on sms till 31 January..30cts..damn..that real good news..will sms loads..this means 426 sms (plus 5 more bonus sms)for a Rs125 complis card..isnt that good news??

just realised smtg :-s
who will i txt??? :-(

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  1. yashakun |

    haha, dialog top!

    en passant, u have been tagged...

    check out :


    a +


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