Memories Of Nobody

Written on Saturday, December 09, 2006 by Sundeep Rambhojun

Been waiting for it for a is almost here..
the new bleach movie will b out on 15th 16th dec (according to Wikipedia) in japan..hmm perhaps 1 week after with the fansubs..and it is called Bleach : Memories Of Nobody..actually this week Bleach 106 had scenes from the movie as opening theme..i didnt get to upload the opening theme bt i managed to get this trailer..which is much better than the one which contain scenes from the TV anime..
well..the wait is going to b long and hard..
i surely this will b worth it..
i dunno..
bt i have the impression that Ichigo found himself a GF in the person of that new gurl new cute and sexy Shinigami gurl which seem to completely overshadow the presence of Rukia..(jeez i love Rukia)..besides..Rukia didn't really appear much..
Well for those of u who feel lost check this website to get the bleach animes and manga..

EDIT : i managed to get the Bleach 106 opening theme with scenes from Memories of Nobody..

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  1. Anonymous |

    acually I'm pretty sure that that girl like the captain histuan... I hate his name O_o but u know what i mean, whity-chan X).
    I think i saw a (spoiler) part of a fan trailer where she kisses him...

    I can't wait till april!!!!!!! when the movie comes out subbed...... YAY I've got what 7 days left.... Ithink it comes out april 1st doesn't it? or was it the 20th.....
    hope it's the first. ^_^ YAY BLEACH


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